I Want My Child to Read This Summer

Summer reading isn’t about assignments or assessments; it’s about time with a book. The long, lazy days of summer are the perfect time for kids to discover a new book or finish every book in a series that they love. Here are six ideas to get your kids reading during the summer months:

  1. Find the right books:
    1. The American Library Association has recommended summer reading lists for birth through middle school.

    2. Use this interactive infographic from Scholastic to find more book choices.

    3. Use a book list like this one from Read Aloud 15 Minutes and see how many of the books your child can read this summer.

  2. Own It: Personalize your child’s summer reading with these free printable bookmarks, book plates, and reading log pages from Simple as That.
  3. Make reading appealing: Don’t overdo it. Motivate your child to read by making books readily available and then stepping back, so says this Atlantic article.
  4. Make a game of it: Younger children may enjoy using a reading BINGO card to choose ways, like reading to a stuffed animal or reading in their swimsuit.
  5. Take the challenge: Check out the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library summer reading challenge or create your own.
  6. Host a book club: Have your child choose a book and invite some friends to read it, then host a play date that involves some book discussion, and lots of summer fun.